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Gaia Scene Guidelines


1.  Gaia Scene is a moderated forum for members to use freely for the sake of sharing experiences, information and views as moved, within the context of mutual listening, mutual respect, tolerance and goodwill. 

2.  Gaia Scene is founded on the recognition that for anyone to speak and be heard, others must also have their say.

3.  Exclusive self-promotion of one's spiritual views or professional services is not permitted.  All members are considered equal and sovereign beings.  Members may offer their professional service or goods in our forum room 'Offerings from the Heart: Goods and Services'.

4.  Members are asked to speak for themselves, and refrain from evaluating the shares of others, offering unasked-for advice, counseling, teaching, selling products or services, or otherwise promoting one's views in a political manner.

5.  Diversity among members is a given; differences in views are expected, valued and fully welcomed.  This embrace of our diversity is founded on the recognition that while we all are One in consciousness, we are not (and cannot) be the same in our individuality.  Recognizing and appreciating this principle of Oneness-in-diversity and of our sovereign individuality is the heart and soul of Gaia Scene.

6.  As a moderated group, Gaia Scene's structure is given by its strict guidelines.  In order to preserve a harmonious, safe and sacred group environment of mutual respect, moderators may place individuals on moderation or remove them from the group. 

7.  A forum is good training ground for dealing with hot buttons and blind spots. The mirror of community can help realize behavior patterns and improve communication skills. Therefore staff will move postings which affect the entire board's atmosphere, but are still of genuine intent, to „The Sacred Vent Space“.  In order to be able to participate in this forum please request a password from admin.  

8. This is a sacred space and a private forum, as such we maintain strict privacy of our users and their sacred sharing. Only individuals who are registered at Gaia Scene have chosen to participate. Please do not copy and paste information from this forum or link to it on another site in any way.
Photos from the web and text (with source) may be shared with personal integrity as Gaia Scene isn’t public and not restricted by copyright law.
Links may be shared on the forum for appropriate information from other sites (together with some personal words to it), according to our guidelines, but any inbound links will be removed and members may be banned for repeat infractions.

9.  Gaia Scene’s moderators work to ensure that the content and atmosphere of the board remains aligned with these guidelines in a manner that promotes relaxed and honest sharing among its members.
This includes merging threads of similar content, splitting threads when off-topic talk turns into separate discussions, and hiding or deleting content that violates these guidelines.

10. Please visit our “Forum Maintenance Room” for further guidelines or questions on how to use this forum.

11.  Gaia Scene publishes a number of high-quality channeled messages.  Please use your discernment. Moderators will tweak channeled messages that seem to lack validity or appear fear-based off the board or transfer them to the „High Discernment Room“. 

12.  Please respect the following Formatting Guidelines for all posts/shares to this forum.

We ask that there be no:

  • Flame wars
  • Claims to absolute knowledge
  • Personal advertising with addresses, phone numbers or URLs
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly readings invitations to Twitter, Facebook or other social media
  • Requests to "digg it"
  • strident or aggressive language, or making demands of others
  • Untrimmed quotes (please don't quote the whole post you're responding to, trim your replies of all but the essence of the content you relate to)
  • ALL CAPS and huge font size, which could be interpreted as screaming.  
  • solid "block" of text, which are unreadable and a strain on eyes and spirit - please divide your post into small paragraphs and break lengthy posts into parts;  gaps are a must for a message to be received.
  • foul language: this is a judgment call which will be determined by usage and by discernment of intent.  Abusive language won't be tolerated no matter what words are used at any time.  Words that are commonly used in conversation and are understood, which are used to express what is being discussed and are on topic, will be allowed within reason.  We are adults, if this offends someone they can use the delete button. 
  • abuse of the status feed which is designed to host twitter-like status updates; not appropriate for the status feed are promotion of goods or services (use your profile), lengthy discussions and links (use forum).

13.  These guidelines may be changed by the Gaia Scene Moderators. 



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